2 dimensional

The Fly is the first MPC designed specifically for the iPad 2 and combines 16 backlit MPC pads with a dedicated iPad app packing effects, a four-track mixer, a sound library, sample editing, an EQ, and support for Korg’s wireless sync-start technology. A double-hinged case connects your favorite tablet to the companion hardware, providing an additional lithium-ion battery that can charge your iPad when plugged in, while allowing the pair to sit upright, flat, or closed together in a protective cocoon. In exchange for this match-made in music geek heaven, the system adds an inch of girth and two pounds of heft to your otherwise feathery device. Of course, this setup won’t replace the full-fledged studio you’ve built down in mom’s basement, but it should come in handy for tapping out quick moments of inspiration while on the move.

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